Monday, February 11, 2013

The MovieFilm Podcast: Episode 15

For this week's MovieFilm Podcast, Brian emerges from the hyperbaric chamber that is "film post-production" to get caught up on the latest out of La-La-Wood. In Headlines, we discuss the total floppage of Sylvester Stallone's latest actioner Bullet to the Head (not to mention why sixty-somethings shouldn't use growth hormones), and also talk about why Warner Bros. reboot of Godzilla sounds promising, why their plans for Justice League don't, and the latest news on the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII. All that, plus discussions on the Super Bowl trailers for this summer's most anticipated flicks, my exclusive interview with writer/director Roman Coppola on writing Moonrise Kingdom and directing A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charles Swan, and just in time for Valentine's Day comes Sean's movie quiz on romantic comedies. As always, You can stream it below or download at the link. Make sure you write a review or rank us on iTunes, and be sure to hit "like" on our official Facebook page.

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