Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The 007 Tribute The Oscars Missed

One of the big selling points for last Sunday's Academy Awards that they'd been hyping for awhile was a segment celebrating the James Bond series hitting 50 years. Naturally this is a pretty big deal, and the initial scuttlebutt circled on them possibly getting all five big screen Bonds to occupy the same stage at the same time, something that's never been done before. Had that actually happened, it surely would have been one of the major highlights of this -- or any -- Oscar telecast. However, once original star Sean Connery decided to pass, followed by Pierce Brosnan, that pretty much scotched the "Class of 007" idea.

I didn't know any of this at the time, of course, so I tuned in with great anticipation only to see Halle Berry intro a montage that was so gaudy and tacky that it did nothing to sell why the series has lasted as long as it has.* For something that does do that, check out the Bond montage below, edited by a 19-yar-old wunderkind from the Netherlands named Kees van Dijkhuizen. Cut to Adele's newly-Oscarized 007 ditty "Skyfall," it manages to incorporate footage of every Bond actor and every iconic Bond moment in four compact minutes, while making them all seem as timely and relevant as the Oscar montage pointedly failed to do. Catch it after the jump:

All of this, by the way, reminds me that I really need to get back to work cranking out those 007@50 retro reviews. Next up, Thunderball!

* Crappy montage notwithstanding, it was nice to see Shirley Bassey take the stage and belt out her iconic "Goldfinger" theme song.

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