Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Super, Man! Early Buzz on Man of Steel

My friend Paul Shirey has a post up at JoBlo with info from a trusted source (who I also know, and can most definitely vouch for) that there was recently an early (very early, as it doesn't open until June) screening of this summer's Zach Snyder-directed, Christopher Nolan-produced Superman epic Man of Steel. Based on this report, it sure looks like all signs are pointing toward a righting of the wrongs of Bryan Singer's 2006 dud Superman Returns. Per Paul's post:

  • - Imagine a Nolan story with Snyder effects/action. 
  • - It's the best movie of the year. 
  • - There's TONS of action with Superman kicking all kinds of ass in his suit. 
  • - The cape is CG'd most of the time so it can look awesome. 
  • - They have intentionally left out most of the the Super action in trailers to save it. 
  • - It's not nearly as dour and serious as the trailers suggest.
  • - The movie is complete, minus the 3D post-conversion, which is currently taking place
Even if we dismiss point two as excitable opinion, these are all good things (well, except for the post-produced 3D...blah.) Now, given my undying fanboy fervor for all things Kryptonian, I'm the first to say that I'm hopelessly biased when it comes to pulling for Man of Steel to be seven kinds of awesome, but it this sure seems like they've got their ducks in a row over at Warners. That said, the devil's advocate side of the coin is that there was plenty of positive early buzz on The Dark Knight Rises, and...yeah.


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