Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Nolan's Knight: Three Acts in Three Minutes

Even now, nearly six months after its release, I remain stubbornly ambivalent toward The Dark Knight Rises. While there's no doubt that it's stylistically distinctive and emotionally ambitious, I still can't help but view the Christopher Nolan trilogy-capper as a flawed end to what had until then been an exceptional cinematic endeavor. Regardless, with the close of the Nolan era, a new take on the celluloid Bat will shortly become a reality, most likely through Warners' planned Justice League flick.

And regardless of how that effort turns out, it'll be impossible not to measure against the high bar set by Nolan (who's next project was also just announced). That accomplishment is nicely represented in this three minute vid edited by Chris Molinaro at ScreenRant, which sums up the narrative scope of the trilogy so efficiently that you sort of wish Nolan had Molinaro with him in the edit bay to trim some of the fat from The Dark Knight Rises. Check it out after the jump:

(Source: ScreenRant)

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