Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Gremlins On The Way?

This news is rather timely, as I just happened to catch the original Gremlins flick from 1984 on cable a few days ago. That film, directed by Joe Dante, was packed with enough gross-out moments that scarred enough wee ones that it was instrumental in the creation of the PG-13 rating. It also made enough of a mark financially to spawn a 1990 sequel, also directed by Dante. Things have been quiet on the Gremlins front in the twenty-plus years since the titular creatures last stalked the cinema, though home studio Warner Bros. has periodically tried to do something with the property, but it looks like the WB is ready to give it a go again, based on a report from Vulture.

The fact that Warners wants to resurrect the property -- chock-a-block full of marketable characters like adorable Mogwai Gizmo (above) and evil Gremlin Spike -- shouldn't come as too big a surprise. I remember very well the merchandising onslaught that accompanied the original films during their releases, with toys, storybooks, and all kinds of other gewgaws and tchotchkes lining store aisles. Heck, you can walk into a Toys 'R' Us right now and buy this and this and this -- all without any new movie ventures in the pipeline. At present, it's all about negotiations between the studio and Steven Spielberg (who exec-produced the previous films through his Amblin shingle), but I wouldn't be surprised to see some kind of deal come together before too long.

(Source: Vulture)

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