Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Marvel Honcho Talks Up Iron Man 3

I talked briefly last week about Marvel Studios' ambitious plans to expand their palette of big screen heroes beyond the core Avengers characters, but that shouldn't be taken to mean that they're neglecting the character who launched the whole enchilada: Iron Man. Talking to MTV, Marvel prexy Kevin Feige, the man tasked with making sure all the trains run on time with the Marvel Movie-verse, spoke at length about the upcoming Iron Man 3 (debuting the first weekend of May), which brings star Robert Downey Jr. back for his fourth turn in the metal suit, and how it will up the stakes for the tech'd-out billionaire in the wake of last summer's Avengers throwdown. Click past the jump for some highlights:
"Much of the movie is Tony in the middle of the country without his tools and a fairly broken suit to help him. But that's his superpower: he wasn't born on Asgard, he wasn't hit by gamma rays, and he doesn't have the super soldier serum. His power is his brain. It's fun to put Tony Stark in a corner with nothing and see how he can get out of it."
On the franchise finally bringing in Iron Man's key enemy, the Mandarin:
"We found we couldn't point to any sort of definitive Mandarin story in the comics — but if you print this, I'm sure a million fans will point to a specific story — so as we've done with many of the films, we did an amalgamation. The Mandarin is relentless: he's a non-stop threat, and you've seen that in the first teaser trailer when Tony Stark's house tumbles into the sea. He doesn't mess around, this guy."
And on what new director Shane Black will bring to the show:
"No one has been shy — myself, Robert and [original Iron Man director Jon] Favreau — about how Shane worked in the shadows of the first Iron Man film, helping with certain scenes and helping with tonal things," said Feige. "This film, it's much less the culmination of the previous Iron Man movies in part three: this is Iron Man: A Shane Black Film. That, to me, is by far the most unique thing about this movie."
Based on these comments, as well as the footage we've seen thus far, it sure looks like they're not planning to rest on their laurels after The Avengers reset the landscape. Let's see what happens on May 3, when Iron Man 3 kicks off "Phase 2" of the studio's longterm plans.

(Source: MTV)

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