Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Disney Kiboshes 3D Star Wars Prequels

Waaaaay back here I first mentioned the then-upcoming re-issue of Star Wars: Episode I in swanky new 3D, and how I couldn't be arsed to care about it -- and what a far cry that was from the excitement I felt in '97 when the original trilogy was reissued in "Special Edition" form. Well, the rest of the country apparently felt the exact same way I did, as the Phantom Menace re-release last Feb netted a relatively paltry $45 mil.

While that's nothing to sneeze at for a thirteen-year old movie, it's less impressive when compared with the $100-plus mil that A New Hope's re-release got fifteen years earlier, and it's especially unimpressive when you consider that the plan was for Team Lucas to roll out the remaining Star Wars films in number order at a clip of
one-a-year. Well, late last year the schedule for the remaining two prequels was compressed, with a promised release of September and October of this year for Eps. II and III, respectively.

Then the other shoe dropped with the Disney/Lucas merger, and Monday brought word that the Mouse House, as the new official purveyor of all things Star Wars, has decided not to move ahead with the 3D releases, smartly realizing that if they want to drum up interest in their new opus(es), a craven cash grab probably isn't the best foot to lead with. If you read between the lines of the official statement from Lucasfilm, the re-releases haven't been canceled outright, they're just chilling in the Disney Vault a litte while longer -- probably until Episode VII is closer to reality.

(Source: Deadline)

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