Tuesday, January 22, 2013

About That Zombieland Series...

Just a brief follow-up to my post from last Friday about development on a TV version of 2009's horror-comedy Zombieland. I voiced some skepticism there about how well the concept would translate under the constraints of network television, but it looks like those concerns are at least partly being addressed with word that, rather than air on a network, the show would likely be made available as an original offering from online video service Amazon Prime.

The move by online providers to generate original content (just as Netflix commissioned a new, fourth season of cancelled Fox sitcom Arrested Development) marks a new frontier for production and distribution. While there's a ways yet before we have something tangible to review, at least initially it has the promise of offering content we wouldn't likely see through traditional venues, and without the interference that comes from network notes and Standards & Practices. This story continues to develop, so let's see where it goes.

(Source: Broadcast Now)

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