Monday, December 31, 2012

The Vicious Consequences of Islamophobia

This past Saturday brought us the horrific story of a New York woman pushing a man named Sunando Sen, who happened to be Hindu, off a subway platform to his death due to her irrational hatred of "Muslims and Hindus" -- a hatred that was fermented and promulgated on the back of the anti-Muslim invective of the Robert Spencer-Pamela Geller crowd (who I've spent a fair amount of time lambasting on this site), and which has garnered a renewed spotlight thanks to an Islamophobic advertising campaign sponsored by Geller's group aimed at, you guessed it, New York's subways. My friend Wajahat Ali examines the linkage between rhetoric and action, and the worrying phenomenon of "death by brown skin."

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Anonymous said...

Pamela Geller is a terrorist. What a vile woman.