Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Superman in Chains!

Like Star Trek Into Darkness, which we got a look at yesterday, the Superman reboot Man of Steel is also hitting screens next summer, and it's also going to have a trailer attached to The Hobbit next week. In anticipation of that assemblage, the folks at Warner Bros. have released this teaser poster depicting Henry Cavill as the titular hero, his arms handcuffed and flanked by military personnel.

I know some folks online are complaining about this, for whatever reason, but I like it. It's a clear, clean way of driving home how this depiction of the Kal-El is going to be tonally very different from Superman Returns, the long-on-pomp, short-on-conflict Bryan Singer non-starter in '06. I also think the suit looks pretty good, and Cavill certainly looks good in it. As with Trek, as soon as I have a trailer to post, it'll go up.

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