Thursday, December 13, 2012

Oh Yeah, G.I. Joe 2 Is Still Coming Out

Waaaaaay back last May I mentioned here that the Paramount sequel G.I. Joe Retaliation, which was positioned for release in the middle of last summer, was being pushed way back by the studio to a late May 2013 berth. Though the given reasoning at the time was to add post-produced 3D and squeeze more filthy lucre from ticket-buyers, there was also chatter that it was to tweak the pic and add more Channing Tatum, whose character Duke was apparently axed early in the initial cut, after the Jump Street star saw his box office profile rise.

Well, as if to remind us that yes, Retaliation is still being released, Par has put out yet another new trailer (catch it after the jump), and there is indeed more Tatum in the mix, though whether Duke still buys the farm remains an open question. I was feeling good about this flick earlier this year, and I remain so even with the lengthy delay, and even with the craptacular new poster to the right that looks like a high school Photoshop project. Yecch. Anyway, let's see if I end up with egg on my face come March 29.

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