Sunday, December 16, 2012

Nostalgia Theater: He-Man and She-Ra Get Awkward

We already know what a cash cow the He-Man property was for both toymaker Mattel and production house Filmation throughout the 1980s, with both the action figures and weekday afternoon animated series providing both companies with a lot of flush times for the majority of that decade. So much so that eventually both companies decided to try and leverage that success (as well as He-Man's huge popularity among young girls) toward a spin-off property, and thus was born He-Man's long-lost twin sister, She-Ra: Princess of Power.

While She-Ra ran for nearly a hundred episodes and remains fairly beloved by the generation that grew up with it, I'm not getting into that here. Instead, I want to share this bizarre music video thing Filmation created in support of 1985's The Secret of the Sword theatrical feature (cobbled together from the first five She-Ra eps). This vid was actually never released publicly until waaay later in the early aughts, and after seeing it, I'm sure you'll understand why. Just to clarify, they're brother and sister. That's important to note, because you'd be hard-pressed to come away with that impression while watching:

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