Sunday, December 30, 2012

Nostalgia Theater Extra: Year in Review 2012

Looking back at the past year's worth of Nostalgia Theater, I've been a litte amazed at my ability to put out a new entry every week and find fun new topics to cover. Given that this is the last weekend of 2012, I thought it might be fun to count down the five most popular Nostalgia Theater posts of his past year, with a brief word about each. Click past the jump to start the festivities!

5) Jumping Back to 21 Jump Street
I timed this one to coincide with the release of the Jump Street feature film, and it clearly struck the right nostalgic chord with folks who had remembered the series, as well as plenty of folks who got turned onto thanks to the flick, but who had no idea it existed before then.

4) SilverHawks -- Partly Metal, Partly Real
I'm as shocked as anyone that so many people have glommed onto my remembrance of a TV show that frankly isn't as good as my memories of it.

3) Two Decades of Batman: The Animated Series
On the other hand, I'm not surprised at all that my celebration of the definitive depiction of DC's Dark Knight garnered as many reads as it did. It's just that good (the show, I mean, not necessarily my write-up),.

2) Captain Planet -- Ted Turner's Treehugger Hero With A Mullet
I had a lot of fun taking an arched-eyebrow look back at this most unfortunate of superheroes, but my take on the good Captain clearly found plenty of sympathy in folks based on how many readers it got.

And the most popular Nostalgia Theater of 2012 (and all-time!) is...

1) America's Brief, Torrid Love Affair With ALF
Well, because it's ALF. Duh. Is any other explanation necessary? Well, maybe there is, but I sure don't have one, but there's no arguing the number of eyeballs my ALF post has gotten. Go figure.

See you same time next year, when we see what's tops in Nostalgia for 2013!

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