Thursday, November 08, 2012

Turd Splattered

I'm not one for schadenfreude. I'm really not. But the "buh-huh-wha" reaction by Karl Rove to Fox New's on-air calling of Ohio for President Obama Tuesday night, sealing his re-election in the process, really was a thing of beauty. Rove was the guy who orchestrated an all-out assault on the prez and congressional Dems via his Crossroads Super PAC(s) -- an assault which bore no fruit and arguably left the once-Turd Blossom as the night's biggest loser. I can just picture him anxiously sitting by the phone like the corrupt banker Keinszig in The Godfather, Part III as he awaits the reckoning by the billionaire cabal he bilked to the tune of $400 million. Like I said, I'm not one for schadenfreude -- but I'm willing to make an exception this one time, just like Jon Stewart was:

And here's part two, as Stewart defenestrates the usual gang of bloviators on Fox News as they react to the news of Obama's win, with their "makers vs. takers" narrative shockingly reminiscent of a strain of illogic I saw move through my social media feeds far too often on election night from people who frankly I'd expect a lot better of:

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