Thursday, November 15, 2012

Snyder Talks Watchmen, Superman

Director Zack Snyder, he of next summer's big Superman reboot, Man of Steel, recently talked up his take on the original superhero with the "Hero Complex" blog over at The Los Angeles Times, also offering up some new thoughts on his 2009 comic book adaptation Watchmen, which remains a fiercely divisive picture even this many years out.

I liked it quite a bit when I saw it, and I continue to do so, but I certainly understand where people are coming from with their dislike or disinterest. Still, it clearly has its fans, as Warner Bros. has yet another blu-ray special edition of the movie on shelves as of this week. Here's Snyder on how opinions of the film have changed in the years since its release, and how it has new meaning in the post-Avengers era:
....a weird way, Watchmen becomes more and more relevant as more and more superhero movies come out. After Avengers really would have been the perfect time to release Watchmen because it’s the anti-Avengers movie. With Avengers being this phenomenon worldwide, it’s interesting what Alan Moore did with that graphic novel and what we tried to do with the movie...When Avengers or whatever other movies get made, it confirms to me the mythological deconstruction that Alan was able to achieve in the book and we tried to achieve in the movie. It’s even more fun to watch the movie now, I think, as the general audience has become more and more familiar with these icons and this mythology. The deconstruction of that mythology is inevitable, but it really hasn’t been done.
For more from the director, including how creating the world of Watchmen is different from re-imagining Superman, click here.

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