Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jackman, Stewart, McKellen Set For X-Men Return

Earlier this month, director Bryan Singer was confirmed as returning to the film franchise he birthed, helming the upcoming X-Men sequel Days of Future Past, due to hit theaters in summer of '14. Well, once that happened it was only a matter of time before several other dominoes began to fall into place vis-a-vis the cast. First, the director himself made it official via his Twitter feed that original Xavier Patrick Stewart and original Magneto Ian McKellen would be present in some capacity, and now the question I'd asked earlier, whether they'd find some room in there for the franchise's good luck charm, Hugh Jackman, has also been answered.

The Wolverine actor, who just wrapped work on his solo sequel for the character, is now in negotiations to bring his steel-clawed alter ego into the larger X-Men fold. Assuming this all pans out, that would make Jackman seven-for-seven for Fox's mutant franchise. Clearly he recognizes that the series has been just as good to him as he has to it. I have to say, the more I hear about Days of Future Past, an ambitious time-tripping tale that which will also have the central First Class cast reprising their roles, the more it seems to be shaping up to be something special. You'll note, however, that one name not being bandied about very much for a return visit is Halle Berry's. To which I say: good.

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