Thursday, November 01, 2012

Confirmed: Bryan Singer Directs New X-Men

With the last two days' worth of oxygen in the geek-sphere being sucked up by rampant speculation surrounding the understandably big news about the Emperor's new digs, one story that got lost in all the hubbub was yesterday's official confirmation that, per Fox's hopes, director Bryan Singer has signed on the dotted line to helm the studio's 2014-targeted X-Men: First Class sequel. The move is a homecoming of sorts for the director, who returns to the big chair of the franchise he inaugurated in 2000, and nearly ten years after his last entry, the very successful X2. It also has him essentially swapping roles with the project's original director Matthew Vaughn, who now takes over the exec producer duties Singer held previously.

While this flick, subtitled Days of Future Past, is ostensibly a follow-up to 2011's First Class, it also promises to bring Patrick Stewart, Rebecca Romijiin, Famke Janssen, and several other stars of the original X-Men trilogy back into the fold, giving viewers the opportunity to see Stewart's older, wiser Charles Xavier go head to bald head with his younger self (as embodied by James McAvoy). Maybe even a Magneto-off between Michael Fassbender and Ian McKellen? Also, given his presence (big or small) in every X-film to-date, I'm hopeful they'll find a way to squeeze Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in there as well, for good luck, if nothing else (though we'll also get his second solo entry next summer with The Wolverine). As always, more on this as it develops.

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