Saturday, October 06, 2012

Taibbi on the Debate: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics

Matt Taibbi thinks both candidates muffed Wednesday's debate pretty badly, Mitt Romney by twisting the truth into a pretzel, and President Obama for duly eating said pretzel when it was offered him. But more than heaping scorn on the two contenders, who he considers a pick-your-poison proposition, Taibbi has special disdain for the media's gladiator arena mentality, which just serves to minimize the actual stakes:
Romney's performance was better than Obama's, but only if you throw out criteria like "wasn't 100% full of $#*! from the opening bell" and "made an actual attempt to explain who he is and what his plans are." Unfortunately, that is good enough for our news media, which drools over the gamesmanship aspects of these debates, because it loves candidates who sink their teeth into the horse-race nonsense that they think validates their professional lives.
He goes on to surgically pick apart Mendacious Mitt's greatest debate fibs in a way the president completely failed to. Read it all here.

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