Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Still A Good Day

I was suitably impressed by the teaser trailer from earlier this month for next year's made-to-order Valentine's Day date movie A Good Day to Die Hard (a.k.a. Die Hard 5) that I started to have a really good feeling about Bruce Willis' impending return to the screen as Det. John McClane for the character's silver anniversary celebration. Now, I established earlier that I'm kind of an easy sell for all things McClane, so maybe I'm just betraying my biases here, but I continue to feel the positive vibes with the second, more story-centric assemblage (embed after the jump), which boasts a cameo by Mary-Elizabeth Winstead as daughter Lucy, and has Our Man John butting heads with son John Jr. (Jai Courtney) as the pair get up to trouble in the former Soviet Union. And as far as the teaser poster to the left, I know that some folks online have been dogging on it as lame and forced, but come on, how can you not love that tagline?

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