Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Zaki's Corner Nominated For Best Blog and Best Writer

Late last week the nominations for this year's Brass Crescent Awards -- honoring the best and brightest in the ever-growing Muslim blogosphere -- were announced. In a total surpise to me, I'm up for Best Blog once again this year, making it three in a row for that category, with an additional nom this time for Best Writer (where the descriptor says you guys find me "artful", "knowledgable", and "thought-provoking"...hey, I'll take it!) Naturally, it's extremely humbling to be thought of so highly by whoever submitted me for contention, and even more humbling to actually be one of the finalists! Hope I continue to measure up! Click on over to the nominations page to cast your vote for me in both categories (voting ends October 21!), and while you're at it, also click through to some of the other nominees, all of whom are doing some very good work.


Anonymous said...

That's awesome! I agree that you have the best blog ever, which I check at least once a week. I'm not a Muslim - I just enjoy your blog for what it is. Which is funny and interesting :)

Best of luck,

Zaki said...

Thanks, man! Much obliged at having you along!