Friday, September 28, 2012

Not Voting For Obama

As we saw in my post yesterday, and as I've discussed at length previously, the mere fact that I'm openly (and justifiably, I'd say) critical of Mitt Romney's party, positions, and basically his entire candidacy shouldn't be taken to mean that I have unequivocal support for Barack Obama (protestations of certain right wing acquaintances notwithstanding). As I've mentioned, while I'm generally agreeable with his domestic agenda, the foreign policy front is a different thing entirely, as President Obama has continued to enact policies I have huge, huge issues with.

Here, again, we're reminded of our flawed, binary electoral process. And while I don't yet feel a third party is viable enough to support, I fully acknowledge that it needs to happen soon. The alternative is what we have now: a prefabricated political discourse with certain conversations -- especially when it comes to unfettered, unilateral foreign policy decisions irrespective of party affiliation -- entirely off the table. To this point, Conor Friedersdorf over at The Atlantic makes a pretty compelling argument for why he won't be casting a vote for Obama this year, even as he opposes Mitt Romney. Agree or disagree, still a worthwhile read.

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