Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Manimal. The Movie. Seriously.

In a move that no one was asking or hoping for, word broke earlier this week that the folks at Sony are readying a big screen version of short-lived '80s sci-fi series Manimal, proving definitively that there are in fact no more original ideas in Hollywood. My only explanation for this is that someone in the echelons of Sony has been carrying a torch for the show lo these past several decades, and when they finally worked their way to the executive level, they jumped on the opportunity to turn their childhood fave into a movie. Now, if I were to guess, I'd say that this news will never progress past the "we're planning" stage, but the mere fact that there are serious conversations about this at a major studio is proof enough that after already plundering all the good ideas from times past, we're now moving onto the one that weren't even good the first time. Read my Nostalgia Theater post on Manimal from earlier this year to get a sense of the show in all its glorious awful-ness.

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