Wednesday, September 05, 2012

From The Onion...

Okay, last hit on the Eastwood thing and I'm done. Really.
Clint Eastwood To Publish New Autobiography: ‘I…Where You’re Alive And They—You Write A Book About You’
From the article:
Press materials from HarperCollins confirmed the 750-page volume chronicles Eastwood’s upbringing in Northern California (“I was born, and uh…uh…uh”), his personal life as a husband and father (“Kids are kids now, and that is a thing that we…and I think a lot about that”), and his long, storied career in Hollywood (“You make movies, and then they make them, and then they get made”). 
In addition, a HarperCollins publicist told reporters that Eastwood writes about his political leanings in the chapter “My Time As Mayor, And Listen Here Because This Is Important, And Then You Go And They Go And Everyone Goes, And You’re Writing On The Computer Now, And Small Government Bailouts In Nice Weather, The Academy Award Was, And You Think: ‘Global Warming’s A Problem.’”
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Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh!! Seriously? This is getting published? Bhahaha!! So as I'm reading this....wait whetr's my bubble gum...yes...I see the chair...and then I'm confused...but I laugh politely.. HOW'S THAT HARPER COLLINS? Oh yeah...I'm not Clint my rantings can't get published!!