Saturday, September 15, 2012

First Look at the New RoboCop

I've been following word of the upcoming RoboCop reboot with cautious optimism for the past few years, and we even spent some time discussing it in our most recent MovieFilm podcast. Well, filming on the Jose Padilha-directed film started today in Toronto, and we've got our first look at what the 2013 model Future of Law Enforcement look like, as embodied by star Joel Kinnaman in some paparazzi pics. While I generally shy away from set pics like this that don't have the official imprimatur, I figured I'd post this just to give a sense of what to expect from this revised take on everyone's favorite bionic bobby. Here's an up-close look at the Robo-suit:

That's certainly a far cry from the iconic Peter Weller model in the 1987 original:

I'll withhold full judgment for now 'till we have something else from the studio with a little more context, but this doesn't strike me as especially terrible. RoboCop hits theaters next August, so I'm sure we'll have plenty more to pick apart between now and then. Click over to Bleeding Cool for some more set pics of varying quality. 

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Minhaj Arifin said...

Looks more leathery and less metallic.