Friday, September 28, 2012

Behold My Power! Captain Power Returns!

In the latest ep of the MovieFilm podcast, while discussing the potential resurrections of Manimal and ALF -- both of which received the Nostalgia Theater spotlight before their respective revivals were announced -- the guys were razzing me for my ability to seemingly resurrect long-dead properties with the clack of a few keys. Well, there may just prove be something to that after all. In news I never thought I'd hear, another property I gave the Nostalgia treatment to -- albeit with a great deal of affection -- is getting a full-scale, bells-and-whistles TV relaunch: Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future. Yep, consider me officially plotzed.

With the 1987 show fresh in my mind via its recent DVD release, there remains a lot of promise in its premise, and it could easily stand a reinvention. Going by the title Phoenix Rising (way less transparently toyetic than the "Soldiers of the Future" thing) this new project is headed up by concept creator Gary Goddard (whose Masters of the Universe feature film I discussed just last month), and would be an hourlong drama presumably aimed at the syndication market. Watch the video announcement after the jump, then click over to AICN for more details, and then read my Nostalgia Theater from '11 for why this news is very good.

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