Friday, September 14, 2012

Smarting From Carter

As you know, I was one of the few champions of Disney's infamous mega-flop John Carter when it opened last March, saying it was a worthy effort that was done in by the bad buzz before it even got a chance. In an informative and revealing chat with The Los Angeles Times, director Andrew Stanton, who rose to fame as one of the preeminent creative minds at Pixar, reflects on the film's rocky road to the screen, and what lessons he's taken away from his longtime passion project cratering at the box office. I'm still hoping that folks who either ignored or were unaware of John Carter during its theatrical run will give it a go on home vid.


Maegan Langer said...

Excellent review! I was also baffled by all the negative press surrounding this movie before it even opened. John Carter (of Mars) is one of my favorite movies - I thought it was very well-done. I hope Disney will realize that there is an audience for Stanton's full trilogy.

Jan Austin said...

Boy, wasn't that the truth! Disney dropped John Carter big time! Thank you for an excellent review and standing behind this film. There are thousands and thousands of fans who also stand behind John Carter. It was an exceptional film, brilliantly directed by Andrew Stanton, and what an incomparable cast (especially if you loved the HBO Rome series like I did!) and fantastic characters. A story you wanted to go back to time and time again. GO BARSOOM!

Bruce Kaplan said...

Good movie, good review !