Saturday, August 18, 2012

Wizards of I.D.

In addition to the spigot of Super PAC cash and so-called "dark money" to sway the outcome of November's elections in favor of the Republicans, another line item making its way through GOP-led legislatures across the country is the enactment of draconian voter ID laws to disenfranchise likely Democractic constituencies, all under the auspices of combatting the non-existent issue of voter fraud. I've been following this story for the past several months or so, shaking my head at the cynicism at work when, upon passage of such a bill, the House majority leader in Pennsylvania proclaimed that it would "allow Governor Romney to win the state..."

When you can't win on your ideas, you stack the deck, which is exactly what's happening. From my end, the issue isn't whether or not there should be some kind of ID that's required at the polls, it's whether that ID is standardized nationally, and whether it's readily accessible to anyone who'd want it. As it stands, neither of those two bars are being met, and it sure looks like that's by design. It's sickening how in this age of hyperactive political polarization, every single issue becomes cause for folks to line up and throw spitballs instead of putting that effort into concrete solutions benefitting everyone. From Thursday's Daily Show, here's Jon Stewart on the voter ID non-problem. If this is your first exposure to this story, prepare to have your mind blown.

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