Friday, August 31, 2012

Oh, Clint...

If you're like me, you could feel your heart breaking into a million pieces yesterday as you watched Clint Eastwood -- the icon Clint Eastwood, the hero Clint Eastwood, the man behind some of the greatest movies of all time -- give a rambling, incoherent mess of a diatribe for twelve long minutes ostensibly in support of Mitt Romney at yesterday's RNC festivities that instantly brought to mind Jim Downey's famous smackdown of Adam Sandler in Billy Madison. Oh, sad day.

I was already a bit befuddled that Eastwood, a dyed-in-the-wool libertarian, would so publicly go to bat for a wet blanket corporate shill like Romney, but so it goes. Politics is politics. After all, another of my movie heroes, Charlton Heston, was also a GOP diehard. When I heard Clint was to deliver a keynote speech at the RNC, I assumed it would be a real barn-burner that would rally the troops.

Instead, we watched the octogenarian Oscar winner interview an empty chair, and metamorphose into James Stockdale right before our eyes. This was not fun to watch. Another reason not to vote for Mitt Romney, I suppose. Anyway, I most definitely wasn't alone in my reaction to the once-Dirty Harry's unfortunate flameout, as this piece tracking "The Five Stages of Watching Clint Eastwood Address a Chair on Live National TV" demonstrates.


Anonymous said...

Breaks my heart ;(
well said

J.R. LeMar said...

But, on the plus side, it took away all the attention from Romney's speech. Notice how no one is even talking about him? I'd almost think Eastwood is a closet Obama supporter, and did this on purpose.