Thursday, August 16, 2012


You know it's election season when the temperature of Internet conversation gets turned up to "boil" and stays there through November. When your Facebook news feed is inundated with educated and uneducated electioneering from all sides of the political spectrum -- right, left, and chartreuse. I feel like I hit a bit of a personal milestone yesterday when an acquaintance (the same acquaintance, it happens, who I quoted in this piece) called me out for having a "retarded liberal opinion." While I don't consider myself especially "liberal" (or "retarded," for that matter), considering the alternative I was happy to accept the designation. Still, the overheated nature of all this armchair politicking really does get dialed up thanks to the impact of social media, and as John Cheese at Cracked helpfully enumerates, it's (almost) enough to make you not want to vote at all.

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