Tuesday, August 07, 2012

From The Onion...

In light of the events of the last few weeks, another strong dose of common sense from America's Finest News Source:
'Just Illegalize Us Already,' Nation's Assault Weapons Beg; 'We Are Tired Of Killing People,' Plead Firearms
From the piece:
Speaking on behalf of the hundreds of thousands of highly accessible American firearms that are reportedly "tired of taking the lives of innocent people," a group of military-designated, semiautomatic weapons pleaded for legislation that would immediately take them off the market and "far, far away from any psychos who would want to murder civilians." 
"Every day we have to live with the overwhelming guilt and sorrow of knowing we've been used to brutally and senselessly murder people," said an M16, who read from a prepared statement while flanked by more than a dozen fellow assault weapons. "How many more human beings do we have to kill before lawmakers finally prohibit private citizens from buying us? Enough is enough already."
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