Monday, August 13, 2012

From The Onion...

In the past two days, I've heard more than one person dismiss Paul Ryan as "the male Sarah Palin," or "just another Palin," but what I keep coming back with is that while he's ideologically as extreme or possibly more extreme, unlike Palin, he's a true believer who's managed to convince a number of talking heads who should know better that his Medicare-killing budget is "mature" and "responsible." If that doesn't worry you, here's word from "Ryan" himself, via an exclusive Onion op-ed with the ominious title, "Admit It, I Scare The Ever-Loving S*** Out Of You, Don't I?":
How scared are you that I can convince people I’m right? Because I’m good at it. No, I’m really good at it. You see, I know how to turn up the charm and charisma without putting people off. Then I back up what I’m saying with arguments that, when they come out of my mouth, sound completely accurate and well-reasoned. And I do it with such passion that people automatically recognize me as a man with deep convictions he will stand up for, no matter what. 
The American people love that s***. They love it.
As so often with The Onion, their satire carries a mean left hook. Read the rest from "Ryan" here.

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