Thursday, August 30, 2012


Mitt Romney's veep Paul Ryan had his big convention moment last night, and while his speech did the job of firing up the anti-Obama (if not necessarily pro-Romney) base, it also had to set some kind of record for pants-on-fire proclamations from Mr. Medicare-Voucher. For a campaign that proudly declared just two days that they won't be "be dictated by fact checkers,” Ryan sure proved that out last night with all the nega-truth bombs he dropped. You know it's bad when even Fox News runs a piece (written by a progressive, admittedly) calling Ryan out for his mendacity. In addition, here's The New Yorker's Ryan Lizza with Ryan's top five fibs, and TPM's Brian Beutler with his own five. There's some overlap between the two lists, but they're both instructive all the same.

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The New Republic had an article ( that is basically the same as Lizza's recap in The New Yorker.

The most evident vein of dishonesty when it comes to Paul Ryan is that he was touted as a deficit-reduction guru, when the current deficit is composed almost entirely of things he voted for. A half-decade in Iraq and decade and counting in Afghanistan, an unpaid-for Medicare supplement, the two rounds of Bush-era tax cuts, and a huge loss of revenue due to a large recession started in a large part due to lax regulation of American mega-corporations.

( The graph shows that going forth, the stimulus and the various bailouts aren't an ongoing problem. It's the war spending (and interest on war debt), and the tax cuts which, as the economy grows, becomes a larger component of the debt.