Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Devil May Care

Back in March of last year I posted that Twentieth Century Fox was getting set to reboot the Daredevil property they held the rights to, lest their option run out and the character and his ancillaries revert to Marvel/Disney. Well, during that span the project went through two different directors, and even an abortive attempt at a schoolyard trade with Marvel for some more time with the red-suited vigilante before Fox finally cried uncle and ceded the rights back to the Mouse House.

If the past is any guide, I'm sure the character will fit right in as part of Marvel's movie-verse, especially when you consider that they've also recently reclaimed the Punisher, Blade, and various other "dark" heroes populating the company's "Marvel Knights" imprint, which specializes in secondary, street-level characters. What happens next is anyone's guess, but my friend Paul Shirey over at Joblo has some good suggestions for what he'd like to see happen the next time the Man Without Fear stalks the rooftops of Hell's Kitchen on the big screen.

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