Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Full Trailer For Skyfall is Here!

James Bond made a cameo during the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games, which was fun, but as it turns out that was just to prime the pump for this brand new extended look at Skyfall, the Sam Mendes-directed 007 extravaganza (number 23, for those of you keeping track) that opens late October internationally and early November domestically.

In this assemblage we get our first good looks at Ralph Fiennes as a new bureaucratic-type, Ben Whishaw as the new Q, and a blondified Javier Bardem as the big bad. This third appearance by Daniel Craig looks like it might blow his previous two entries right out of the water. My favorite Bondian moment comes when Craig jumps onto the exploding train, then pauses just long enough to adjust his cufflink. Awesome. Check out the international trailer below, and you can watch the American edit here:

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