Saturday, July 21, 2012

Man of Steel Teaser Hits the Web

I was a little more neutral about The Dark Knight Rises than I would have liked, but it's upwards and onwards now to next summer's batch of blockbusters, including the Superman reboot Man of Steel, which has primo placement this weekend in front of Dark Knight. Light on effects and costumes, and heavy on mood and tone (and bearded Henry Cavill!), the marching orders here are pretty clearly to draw a bright line of distinction from Bryan Singer's Superman Returns as possible and tell potential auds, "No connection. None. Zero. Zip. Don't believe us? Here's some Lord of the Rings music." Check the vid below. Apparently there's two of these floating around. This one has narration by Kevin Costner (playing Jonathan Kent), but the one I saw had Russell Crowe (Jor-El) doing the voiceover. The footage itself is exactly the same, though.

FYI, here's the Superman Returns teaser trailer from '05, which was all about drawing connections with the previous version of the property.

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