Sunday, July 15, 2012

Man of Steel Hits Comic-Con

The big San Diego Comic-Con is this weekend, and while I normally wouldn't even consider making the trek south and braving the lines, crowds, and crowded lines so that I could maybe catch a glimpse of something, I gave it some real consideration this year, almost entirely because it would be the debut of footage from next summer's big Superman franchise reboot, Man of Steel.

First up, check out the new teaser poster to the right. It doesn't give us a great look at star Henry Cavill's face, but does offer a sense of the chain mail-esque look that they're apparently going for. It also owes more than a little to the work of painter Alex Ross (which isn't surprising, as we saw something similar with Bryan Singer's Superman Returns in '06).

Next, click past the jump for just some of the highlights, courtesy of Collider, from yesterday's panel discussion, which featured "surprise" appearances by Cavill and director Zack Snyder (but let's be real here...the only real surprise would have been if they hadn't come):
Snyder says he got involved with the project after getting a call from [producer Christopher] Nolan asking if he wanted to talk about Superman. Nolan pitched him a version of Superman, and Snyder says he could get behind that approach. 
This movie isn’t based on any particular comic book arc, and Snyder says they have “respect for the mythology of Superman, so it’s a mashing of stories.” 
“What are Cavill’s plans to add to the Superman legend?” “That’s a tough one,” says Cavill. He wanted to bring as much of the modern Superman into the world. “This movie is not only for the fans, but for those who haven’t felt this world and seen how it’s changed,” says Cavill. He wants “to bring a modern version everyone can associate with.” 
(Be sure to check out the rest of Collider's coverage.)

The most exciting bit of Man of Steel business for me is that the first teaser trailer will debut in front of a little indie flick called The Dark Knight Rises in a few short days. A version of this assemblage was screened for the Comic-Con crowd, and you can find a shot-by-shot description over at the Superman Homepage. The spoiler-phobes among you may want to avert your gaze, but honestly, if you're a Superman fan there's nothing there you don't already know. Sounds promising.

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