Monday, July 30, 2012

Here It Is: The MovieFilm Podcast!

For the better part of the past year, I've poked and prodded my Mr. Boy compatriots Sean Coyle and Brian Hall to get off our duff and record a podcast so we can preserve our random musings for posterity. Here then, the culmination of those efforts. When it came time to think of a title, we thought of the things we wanted discuss...Movies...Films...and came up with MovieFilm. Fine, no points for originality there. Anyway, at the link below, you can listen to the very first bi-weekly episode of this new podcast project from Team Boy:

MovieFilm Podcast Episode 1

The longterm purpose of this show, in addition to just providing me with an opportunity to riff on topics various and sundry with my best friends, is to provide a forum to look back at some classic or modern classic films we may have missed or forgotten about, all the while offering our take on the latest offerings from La-La-Land. For this first episode, we sound off on our likes and dislikes on The Dark Knight Rises, and then pivot to a broader discussion of the entire Batman film franchise. Give it a listen, and then leave your thoughts!

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