Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Bachmann's Islamophobic McCarthyism

It's been a while since I've talked about Islamophobia here, not because it magically ceased to exist, but because the sheer volume of nonsense out there can become a little overwhelming sometimes. Still, this seemed worthy of mention, not only for the transparent stupidity of the argument being advanced, but for the all-star team of elected Islamophobes advancing it. In the latest iteration of what's become a very old story, a group of congresspeople alleges, through implication and assumption, that radical Muslims have wormed their way into the highest echelons of our politics to try and impose, what else, Sharia law (duh-duh-DAH!). Yep, real Manchurian Candidate stuff.

Leading the charge on this is Dunning-Kruger poster child Michele Bachmann (who, per Ron Paul, "hates Muslims"), and she's backed up again by fellow Muslim-haters Louie Gohmert (he of "terror babies" fame), and Trent Franks, among others. I'm not surprised anymore by politicians pandering to get votes, however I continue to be surprised by how extreme that pandering has gotten. An omnipresent refrain from Tea Party-types is that they're not racist. And that may well be, but it doesn't help your argument when the folks representing you in the so-called Tea Party Caucus sure as heck seem to be.

Regardless, Anderson Cooper dismantled Team Bachmann's new McCarthyism with surgical precision on his show, discussing the issue with Congressman Keith Ellison, one of two Muslims currently serving. Catch the segment after the jump:

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