Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Ray Bradbury, RIP

I was extremely bummed to hear this morning of writer Ray Bradbury passing away at the age of 91. As the author of such lasting works of genius as The Martian Chronicles, Fahrenheit 451, "A Sound of Thunder," and far too many more to properly enumerate, the impact he had on my life, as a reader, a filmgoer, and a writer is hard to encapsulate. Even with the long life he lived and the many gifts he gave our collective literary culture, it still feels like he left us too soon. Here's a wonderful quote from a few years ago by the author about his craft:
It has nothing to do with pay. Either you love what you’re doing, or … Look, I wrote for years, and I wasn’t paid. My love carried me through all those years. I sold newspapers on the street corner. When I was twenty-two, I was making ten dollars a week. When I started making twenty dollars a week from selling stories, I quit selling newspapers. You’re either in love with what you do, or you’re not in love.
So true. My friend Eric San Juan, one of my fellow authors on Geek Wisdom who I'm also hoping to collaborate with on another new project very soon, has himself written a very effective and moving remembrance of Bradbury on his site that sums up so many of the same thoughts that flittered through my mind when I first got this sad news. This piece was especially affecting:
Bradbury was a writer. In many ways he represented, and still represents, where I'd like to end up. His body of work, how far ranging it is, its balance of engaging and exciting and artful, the enduring nature of beautiful stories such as Dandelion Wine (a major inspiration for my story The End of All Summers), and his ceaseless drive to just keep creating. 
Keep creating. 
Keep creating.
Lesson learned, Ray.

(Check out the rest of Eric's piece here.)

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