Thursday, June 21, 2012

Judging the First Dredd Trailer

Spider-Man and Batman may be getting ready to attack your local multiplexes very shortly, but that doesn't mean we should forget about Judge Dredd, no less iconic a comic book hero (well, in England, anyway). With the futuristic lawman returning to the big screen this September in Lionsgate's Dredd, we're starting to get the promo push now. I showed you the poster for the Karl Urban starrer last week, and now there's the first trailer, which gives a sense of the film's scope, style, and tone. Catch the vid after the jump, then meet me on the other side for my take.

Things I like: Urban as Dredd, Urban as Dredd, Urban as Dredd. Seeing as how the character was envisioned by creators John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra as a post-apocalyptic Dirty Harry, Urban's raspy, Clint Eastwood impression works fine for me. Things I like less: For being in the middle of a post-apocalyptic wasteland, Dredd's hometown of Mega-City One looks a little "normal" for my tastes, with not nearly the amount of urban decay one would expect. Here, it looks like Old Detroit in RoboCop, which is bad, but not bad enough.

That single, solitary pseudo-qualm notwithstanding, this does seem like a pretty effective translation of the character to the big screen, and I certainly hope it paves the way for a character whose appeal has always been fairly fringey to break out into the mainstream. That said, I also don't harbor any illusions about how well it's going to do. Globally, probably fine. Stateside, it'll tank. In fact, my guess is that it'll be lucky if it even manages to match the box office take from the last time they tried 'porting Dredd over to the screen:


The Mad Swede said...

I'm not sure I agree that Dredd's Mega City should be so defined by urban decay, as it is a high tech society that has actually partly survived and partly risen from the post-apocalyptic waste. That being said, it could perchance have looked slightly more futuristic.

I agree with you on Urban though. There was one image in the trailer where he got the typical Dredd face – with the corners of his mouth pulled down to form an upside down U – spot on right.

Zaki said...

More futuristic, for sure. The highway stuff with the Lawmasters just looks a little too contemporary for me. Maybe that impression will change with some added context.

The Mad Swede said...

Let's hope so.