Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Gaffes Entertainment

As a matter of necessity for my work and my writing, I try to catch a handful of TV news programs regularly from across the spectrum just to get a sense of what topics are guiding the conversation any given day. That's really become a chore of late, at least partly due to how the media seems to run hither-and-thither based on whatever new "Squirrel!" distraction catches their eye, whether it's Mitt Romney saying he likes firing people a few months back, or President Obama's saying the private sector is doing fine last Friday.

Suddenly, the tizzy-tron kicks into gear, with talking points ready to go, and quickie attack ads deployed instantaneously. It's nothing new, of course, but with the presidential race now in its "general" stage, it's all about how long the latest verbal oopsie from fill-in-the-blank politician will dominate the airwaves, and whether the opposing side can strike the flint with said gaffe enough times to have it catch fire with the electorate. Context? We don't need no steenking context! Here's Jon Stewart from last night's Daily Show dissecting our gaffe-centric political culture.

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