Saturday, May 19, 2012

Recommended Reading

Sara Robinson details how the current wave of conservative dogmatism is putting our country's education system at risk . I usually don't like getting into conservative vs. liberal shouting matches here, but I think a lot of what Robinsons says on the differences between the two worldviews, and the trickle-down impact of those differences, are right on the nose, such as this point:
...for much of Western history, critical thinking skills have only been taught to the elite students -- the ones headed for the professions, who will be entrusted with managing society on behalf of the aristocracy...Our public schools, unfortunately, have replicated a class stratification on this front that's been in place since the Renaissance. 
...this kind of regimented education is profoundly inappropriate in a democracy. If you teach a child that he is incapable (and intrinsically unworthy) of governing himself -- a central assumption of conservatism -- then how on earth can he participate in governing his country?
Read the rest of Robinson's piece here.

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