Saturday, May 05, 2012

Final Amazing Spider-Man Trailer Swings By

With The Avengers now out and wreaking havoc at the box office, it's already time for the next big opus based on a Marvel hero: July's The Amazing Spider-Man, which saw its final trailer released this week attached to Avengers (though not, frustratingly, with my screening). As you know if you've been paying attention, unlike many others I've been mostly on-board with this reboot based on everything I've seen so far, but this new trailer doesn't really do much to move the needle for me.

It seems like, after the previous cuts spent a great deal of time emphasizing the "clean break" nature of the project, this one shunts that into the background in favor of the overarching plot about Peter Parker's parents, as well as showcasing the big bad, Rhys Ifans' as the Lizard. The action scenes look quite impressive (more so than even the swinging action in the Sam Raimi Spider-films), and they should look great in 3D, but there's just something "meh" inducing about this spot that I didn't feel with the others, and which I'm sure Sony really doesn't want happening this late in the game.

It's hard to fully articulate, and I'll fully cop to at least some of this being a result of seeing what Avengers was able to do with the genre, but there's something kind of small-scale and unimpressive about yet another Spider-Man where the hero is jumping around without his mask on as he faces off with yet another monstrous baddie, reboot or no. Obviously, at this stage it's going to be wait and see, but I do wonder if others are going to feel the same way as me, or if they're going to benefit from a sort of contact high by seeing the clip right before The Avengers. Catch the trailer after the jump, and you tell me.

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Imran said...

All there has been to say about the Spider-man mythology has been said in the first two Sam Raimi films. I think a proper reboot would have been to build on it, with the introduction of the sinister six or even a tie in movie with the Fantastic Four.