Thursday, May 17, 2012

Avenging Insights

Just two weeks into its theatrical run, and Marvel's The Avengers is already entering the upper echelons of all-time earners. It's weird how, as a comic fan, I'm exulting in this movie's box office conquest even though I'm not the recipient of any sort of kickbacks or ancillary reward. I guess this is how rabid sports fans feel when they say "We won!"

Anyway, one of my favorite bloggers, Tim O'Neil of the excellent blog The Hurting, has seen the film as well, and rather than compose a lengthy review, he's instead offered up a list of 19 semi-connected observations and reactions, all of which are quite insightful, and all of which are worth giving a read. Here he is on that massive box office haul reference above:
That said: $220 million dollars. Watching these movies - not just comic book movies, but any kind of massively expensive blockbuster - I am becoming more and more convinced that history is going to judge us poorly for devoting so much of our society's dwindling resources to making these monolithic "entertainments." Sure, $220 million dollars might not seem like a lot compared to the national debt, but let's be serious: in a hundred years these things are going to look an awful lot like the pyramids of Giza. Gaze upon our works, ye mighty.
I may be contradicting myself here given how I started this post, but yeah, it is kind hard to argue with that one. Check out the rest from Tim here.

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