Monday, April 30, 2012

Nostalgia Theater Addendum:
Cartoon Conan Corrections

In just over 48 hours and with 100-plus shares on Facebook, my Nostalgia Theater piece from last Friday reminiscing about the Conan the Adventurer animated show has become my most-shared post of all-time! More amazing still, it also caught the attention of series developer and story editor Christy Marx, who chimed in with a comment and a correction:
Zaki, I appreciate the nice review, but I need to correct one thing: the toys came before the animation series, not as a result of it. In fact, while I was developing the series in tandem with the toy development, I ended up naming characters, therefore gave names to some of the action figures.
She's right, of course. It seems when writing my initial piece I got my mental chronology a bit askew. Given that Sunbow developed the series in conjunction with toymaker Hasbro, it's no surprise that the Adventurer toys hit shelves right around the time the first season started. I recall seeing them at retail for the first time around Christmas of '92, but they may have arrived sooner depending on the location.

(I do, however, stand by my initial assessment that they were horrid, horrid toys.)

Another small correction I wanted to make is at the very end of the piece where I said that the entire first series has been released to DVD by current rights-holder Shout! Factory. In fact, the first thirty-nine episodes have been released in thirteen episode chunks on three DVD sets. That leaves twenty-six more (or two more sets) still to come. Here's hoping Shout! gets to finish the series' run!

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