Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Shield (Again)

In April of '05, while I was breathlessly counting down the days until the summer 2006 release of Superman Returns, I made this post about the newly-redesigned "S" shield that the titular hero would be sporting in that impending opus.

Well, everything that's happened before really does happen again, because here we are almost exactly seven years later, and here's yet another new "S" shield, this time for Man of Steel, the high-stakes revamp hitting theaters in summer '13. This is a bit of a departure from previous screen iterations of the iconic symbol, with the texture signaling an apparent emphasis on its alien origins. Don't see anything that sets my blinkers off just yet, so it's so far, so good for me:

Also, while we're talking about the last big screen Superman, Jeffrey Taylor (who also co-hosts the excellent "From Crisis to Crisis" Superman podcast) has an excellent piece up at dissecting where Superman Returns went right, and where it went wrong, and why we're now talking about a Superman reboot instead of the umpteenth Returns sequel. It's a pretty bang-on analysis.

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J.R. LeMar said...

Still not impressed. Nothing I've seen or heard since the first announcement of Caville as Supes as gotten me excited. I guess I have to wait until some actual footage of the film is revealed, so I can make a better judgment.