Monday, March 12, 2012

Recommended Reading

As longtime readers know, whenever George Lakoff has something to say, I'm there to listen. His latest piece, analyzing the Republican messaging strategy through the prism of Rick Santorum's increasingly out-there campaign rhetoric, makes several worthwhile points about how policy and morality intersect in our discourse, and how imperative it is to understand that intersection. From the article:
The Republican presidential campaign is not just about the presidential race. It is about using conservative language to strengthen conservative values in the brains of voters -- in campaigns at all levels from Congress to school boards. Part of the Republican strategy is to get liberals to argue against them, repeating conservative language. There is a reason I wrote a book called Don't Think of an Elephant! When you negate conservative language, you activate conservative ideas and, hence, automatically and unconsciously strengthen the brain circuitry that characterizes conservative values.
Read the rest of Lakoff's thesis here. It's well worth it.

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