Thursday, March 08, 2012

My E-mail Exchange With a Limbaugh Fan

You probably wouldn't remember this, but way back in '07, I posted here about how a group called, after criticizing Rush Limbaugh for comments denigrating military critics of the Iraq war as "phony soldiers," was barraged by hate e-mails from the talker's faithful fans. At the time, I commented on how proud Rush must be to command such allegiance. Well, I now have my own "e-mails from Limbaugh fan" story to draw on as personal experience.

By way of context, my piece from two days ago about my own history as a Limbaugh listener went up at Huffington Post yesterday morning. Within half an hour of it going live, I received an e-mail from a fellow named Tom who was clearly upset with what I'd said in the post and, among other things, called me a brainwashed zombie. I responded to him, and was rewarded with another e-mail, and so it went throughout the day.

I've posted the entirety of our conversation after the jump (he's in bold). Nothing's been changed, either from him or from me. I'm sure you'll find it just as instructive as I did. Enjoy.

So, you were a conservative before going to high school which changed you to a liberal ? Congratulations, you and about a zillion other zombies brainwashed by the American public school system. 
Get a job ! 
Hi Tom - 
Thanks much for your email! 
As I mentioned in the article, my brief dalliance with Mr. Limbaugh was twenty years ago. It wasn't so much the school system that changed my perspective on things so much as it was my expanding beyond a very specific view of the world and "the way things ought to be." 
For what it's worth, I don't consider myself a "liberal" now, just as I didn't consider myself a "conservative" then. Like most people, I have different perspectives on different issues, all of which inform the person I am. 
As far as a job, I've had one for awhile now, and I'm very happy, thanks. I do appreciate you giving me that extra push, though. 
Thanks again for your note. All the best! 
Thanks for the reply. 
Anyone writing for the Huffington Post has radical tendencies. That is, tendencies toward Marxism, group thought, and anti-individual liberty. Not my opinion, fact. So, save the self-righteous B.S. and condescending tone for your sheep friends who don't think for themselves. I know you are based on your "contributions" to that propaganda-filled rag I found you on. 
Curious though, what is your "job" ? Do you pay your "fair share" to the government ? Atta boy !

Hi Tom - 
Let's see, in the span of two e-mails, you've called me a brainwashed zombie, a Marxist, and radical, and anti-individual liberty. Seems to me that, as far as "condescending" and "self-righteous" go, most of that is coming from your side of the screen. I'm the guy who's saying whether we agree or disagree, hey, no problem, let's have that conversation. I know, what a jerk, right? 
I do find it flattering that you seem to think I hold sway over any so-called "sheep," though. Sorry, no "ditto heads" for me. I enjoy having conversations with people who disagree with me and who I disagree with. I always end up learning something in the process, and I hope others do as well. That said, negative reaction or positive reaction, I still appreciate you taking the time to write me. 
Take care, and hope you'll keep reading! 

Cut the crap. 
Let me ask you this: How do you sleep at night producing such dishonest drivel that pollutes the minds of young people who read the Huffington Post ? Do you have a soul ?


Hi Tom - 
Sorry, no crap to cut. Just an open conversation. 
I sleep fine, by the way. I do try to represent whatever point of view I have to the best of my abilities, so if it ends up being "dishonest drivel," I guess that's just a happy accident. And I'm always open to being proven wrong, no matter what my position. I know, crazy. 
As to whether or not I have a soul, I believe so, but I guess I'll find out after I'm gone, right? 
Thanks again. Best. 
You would know if you had a soul. Many liberals, Marxists, Statists have no soul. 
Go get and listen to John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" and understand it. Many have tried and failed miserably over the decades to duplicate it. One needs an open mind to understand. Yes, a rarity amongst today's brainwashed ignorant masses. 
I beg to differ on the "crap" issue. I feel sadness for today's youth. What a boring existence, mindlessly following the herd. 
Bye now, 
So, yeah. Yikes. At that point, I started to worry that my brian might self-lobotomize as a defense mechanism, so in the interests of self preservation that's where I left it. For drawing this thing out as long as I did, primarily with the aim of getting a blog post out of it for your reading pleasure, all I can say is, "You're welcome."


Unknown said...

"Anyone writing for the Huffington Post has radical tendencies. That is, tendencies toward Marxism, group thought, and anti-individual liberty. Not my opinion, fact."

Also a fact is that the HuffPo was co-founded by Andrew Breitbart.

Zaki said...

Shhh...dont let facts cloud the discussion.

The Cool Guy said...

That was awesome! I enjoyed reading it. But please Zaki, for your own sanity, don't do this again. It is a fact that you "can't argue with crazy", and this is a good example why.

P.S. I too used to be a Ditto-head, and changed my view over the years. Now I can hardly stand to listen to that pompous windbag, and can hardly believe that I used to. So I really related to your post! Good writing man, keep it up :)

Parvez said...

That was like a reading a kind of Madlib where two separate email threads are spliced together. Trying not to give this too much though either, lest my brain might "self-lobotomize", but what the heck was with the John Coltrane reference? I bet his head would explode if he found out that John Coltrane’s best-known album, “A Love Supreme,” features Coltrane saying, “Allah supreme”. :)

Karen Williams said...

Thanks for the chuckle (or a bit of a scare depending on my state of mind), Zaki, and for the content for an upcoming COMM41 class!

Zaki said...

Nice! You have to let me know how that goes!

SabakuINK said...

"Mud wrestling with pigs - Don't do it, because you never win, and eventually you realize the pig enjoys it."

That said, it is quite entertaining for those of us observing from dry ground.

I'd like to compliment you on the excellent use of Tai Qi in your response. The madder Tom got, the softer you responded. He probably logged off and started kicking the door to his office.

Thank you for sharing this gem, Zaki. Peace, love and hope. . .Anita

Zaki said...

Thanks for stopping by, Anita!

Anonymous said...

Wow... that guy is a complete idiot. No wonder he's a Limbaugh fan.

--Rich Handley