Thursday, March 01, 2012

Assembling More Avengers Goodies

The last few days have been big ones for folks in fanboy circles who are eagerly awaiting every morsel of info that's coming out about this summer's Avengers flick (officially Marvel's The Avengers stateside, and Avengers Assemble in the UK -- presumably to avoid confusion with those other Avengers, who'd have the hometown advantage in Merry Ol' England.)

Tuesday saw the release of a decent, though unspectacular release poster (right), which has our various heroes posed and propped and otherwise Photoshopped to look imposing and heroic. More impressive, however, is the full trailer, which picks up the threads from the teaser and the Super Bowl spot, to really up the ante with the spectacle -- giving (almost) each of the heroes a nice showcase moment while spelling out the stakes that would pull this lineup together.

Honestly, I've said this elsewhere, but given how spectacularly unlikely the notion of an Avengers movie would have been even five years ago, I'm still in "pinch me" mode over the very notion of this thing actually existing. After you watch the trailer below, jump on over to Newsarama and check out their list of 10 observations about this assemblage.

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Anonymous said...

It is almost impossible not to be excited about this whole thing, Zaki. I want Thor to be Thor-like, a proper Tony Stark incipient alcoholism scene and the Hulk to treat New York as collateral damage. JA!