Tuesday, February 07, 2012

"One Guy in a Unitard"

With the big ol' batch of Super Bowl movie spots that hit the web over the weekend, one absence I found especially notable was the lack of any promo for The Amazing Spider-Man, which, lest we forget, is also due this summer. In fact, other than the teaser trailer from last July, it's been pretty much radio silence on Sony's risky attempt to reboot the hugely-successful Spider-franchise (the record-breaking 2002 first entry of which was instrumental in bringing about the Age of Movie Heroes we now find ourselves ensconced in -- and of which The Avengers and The Dark Knight Rises are arguably the culmination).

While there's been a lot of skepticism surrounding this entry in many web circles, including from me initially, I've been consistently impressed with director Marc Webb's comments on his approach, and I've especially been impressed with star Andrew Garfield's take on, and passion for, the lead role. All of this has led me to think (hope?) that this film may well do for the Marvel Comics webspinner what Batman Begins did for the Caped Crusader in '05 -- create a more realistic, more relatable take on one of the most iconic of superheroes, and which pays audience dividends down the line. Thanks to the new full trailer that Sony put out last night at midnight, my initial optimism appears to be well founded, and I have a feeling a lot of naysayers will be quieted once they see this:

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